Personal Software Process

Every developer has a process to build software but a process certainly exists. The process may be haphazard or effective.
To change the ineffective process to effective process the developer can follow a personal software process that has some core  disciplines to work on. 
In PSP  the first step is to do development with the very basic measurements like Time Tracking and Defect Logging.
The Second Step is to Estimating and making a Project Plan to carry out the development work.
The Third Step is to produce High Quality Software Product that has Defect Avoidance Mechanisms in place like Design Reviews and Code Reviews. These three steps in a developer's software development process leads to an effective process which is called 
Personal Software Process.
Finally there are PSP tools available - The Process Dashboard that is available for free.
The PSP in turn helps in proceeding with a Team Software Process which is helpful in working with a Team.
The TSP builds on top of PSP. For TSP - The Team Dashboard software is available for free as well.
Books Recommended:
Introduction to the Personal Software Process - By Watts Humphrey.
PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers - By Watts Humphrey.