Feature Driven Development

Feature Driven Development (FDD) is an agile framework that, as its name suggests, organizes software development around making progress on features. Features in the FDD context, though, are not necessarily product features in the commonly understood sense. They are, rather, more akin to user stories in Scrum. In other words, “complete the login process” might be considered a feature in the Feature Driven Development (FDD) methodology.
FDD was designed to follow a five-step development process, built largely around discrete “feature” projects. That project lifecycle looks like this:
Develop an overall model
Build a features list
Plan by feature
Design by feature
Build by feature
Books Recommended:
A Practical Guide to Feature-Driven Development (The Coad Series) Paperback – Import, 11 Feb 2002
by Stephen R. Palmer (Author), John M. Felsing