Organizational Problems:


CMMI can be used for continuous improvement.

Cmmi will help you do process improvement.

Cmmi framework will help you create processes that follow good practices and gradually develop better products and provide better services.

Cmmi will help you with guidance.
Cmmi does not dictate specific steps to develop your processes because providing steps will become a prescribed way that won't suit your organization.
Instead it gives guidance to develop your own processes that suit your business objectives.

What are processes in cmmi?
A process in cmmi is a key process area(KPA) that needs to be given special attention in an organization.

CMMI KPAs  are:
Requirements management, Configuration management, Project planning, etc.

You can start with processes that affect your business objectives and provide benefit to your organization and help you get a maturity level to bid for contracts.

Cmmi implementation should lead to processes that are unique to every organization and one organization should not copy another organization's processes.
So you should create process definitions that follow the organization's best practices.


There are many books available for CMMI to start with, so Start with your best processes now!!


Another way to address problems is by adopting Business process reengineering.

Change your business processes from as-is towards to-be processes.

One More Important Thing - After Learning CMMI, Please Read the book People CMM. This is the most important book to improve your organization's Workforce.

With all this in perspective you have the Bible to create your organization's best practices. Implementation could be as per your business objectives.

CMMI is the most important subject matter for your organization.


Goodbye bad practices!