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The philosophies, strategies and techniques that you find in this book will help you learn things that were unimaginable in your life that would just take days or months. It is my sincere hope that these techniques will help you be a better person of yourself and rise to another level that you could imagine and achieve great feats of success unimaginable.

We all have potential hiding within us. If we make it our soul mission to reach to our maximum potential we can do what others can do and help people in their endeavours.

I have made this my mantra and have read as many books as possible to reach my true potential and make people's lives better by developing applications that makes this world a better place to live in.

Everyone has the right to be successful and achieve their goals. People who believe in themselves have the potential to live their life at ecstasy(paramanand).

I have read so many books and have made it my mission to learn as much as possible. Never did I think that I have to stop somewhere and not give up reading, only then I have realized our true potential is when we dig deep and make it our goal to pursue our talent and make our dreams a reality.

There is nothing like having a clear mind than a cluttered reality about our life's perception which leads us to unfavourable circumstances that make our life's challenges. 

There is no such thing as failure, there are only results or learned lessons or stepping stones to Success. Nothing is permanent, everything changes, your life, priorities, lessons, people, business, work, ethics, values. Everything develops and leads us further to our goals.

If we keep a correct viewpoint about matters in our lives and not get swayed by them in a direction that's not beneficial for us, then we will have a road to success with just a proper perceptions about growth, success, failing, relationships, teamwork, leadership. Our lives will be better if we stick to what's important for us and not focus on anxiety or worry and lead to a harmonious life.

Every day if we stick to our priorities we can enhance our personal life or careers in a manner that can be unimaginable and display our life of dignity and honour. There is no Such thing as perfection and don't try to even making things perfect. Instead make your life a constant struggle to meet your goals.

I'm here tell you if you want to be successful then focus on the following things in your life:
    1. Your line of work technicalities
    2. Success and Failure Perception
    3. Teamwork perception
    4. Leadership perception
    5. Growth perception
    6. Relationships perception
    7. Family perception
    8. Values perception

If you were to ask me how to make you a better person then I would have only one answer and with that one thing you can become better with your own ability. And the answer is Get into the habit of Self-Learning. Nothing will be difficult when you get into this habit. There will be no obstacles and problems that you won't be able to cross.
You don't have to change your personality which means you can keep your individuality and be the person you want to be. Nothing will be so difficult if you learn this one technique, Self-Learning.

I never possessed this attitude until I started doing things myself. Even if you won't have all the answers but sooner or later things will fall into the places that previously seemed like a bigger puzzle in your life. If I had the power to help you be a better person then it is this true ability that will guide you to achieve your goals. If you want to be a better salesman, break it down into steps and plan it out. If you want to be a better teamplayer then break it down into steps and plan to get teamwork skills right. if a leader needs to understand how to be successful then he needs to focus on his priorities and creating a positive change and delivering the results that are required. Nothing remains constant. Even while you are not learning you are learning something from others, the only problem with that is it might not be favourable to you.

I will break down the steps of planning in just a minute and help you organize your work a little more better than ever.

Every day make your week plan. If it's a plan you need and visualize then it is this plan that guides you everyday before and after you go to sleep. Plan your next day ahead. Don't sleep with a no goal for tomorrow. Just view the plan and say to yourself "Tomorrow is gonna be an exciting day. I'm looking forward to it fulfilling it to my best ability." As you get up in the morning try to remember what you had entered in your day's plan. It is this feeling that will help you leap out of your bed and start your day with full energy and enthusiasm.

I'm not promoting my weekly planner but can say for sure that this weekly planner has helped me plan better and be excited about reading books and taking plans to a next level and not a single day did I regret using this application. If the plans were not followable, I would replan it. But I would make sure that there always was a plan that can be strict and achievable.

The Next Most Important thing is Growth. While you are making plans and achieving your goals you need to ensure that you have a bigger plan for your career or life. If you're not growing you're drowning. A Human brain only remembers what it sees daily. If you don't see something for years soon it's out of your memory and your brain cells are not in the habit of seeing them clearly. Growth is not a natural outcome, it has to be intentional. Everyday prioritize what is required for your career and slowly but gradually evolving into what you want to become. Every day learn for two hours and after a year you have had a lot of time in your baggage and it's gonna frutify into something that you perceived as unimaginable for days or even months. Everyday make it a ritual to learn about the technicalities of your field and sooner you will have a whole bag of tricks. 

I can now proceed with the books that have changed my life into something unimaginable, something that I could never dream about doing within months or years in my early twenties. So let's get started with books that changed my whole perception of things.

There is nothing like reading books on self help because it's these books that have a wealth of information that will make you stand apart from the crowd. 

For leadership, teamwork, growth, success, etc. Read John Maxwell Books.

For Public Speaking, Read Dale Carnegie Books.

For IT, there are as many books as you can explore about.

For Entrepreneurship, sales, there are also a wide varieties of books. Get Clients Now and Entrepreneurship by Robert Hisrich.

The Idea here is to develop yourself, nurture yourself, enjoy the learning experience, it doesn't have to be perfect, enjoy the journey, make it heavenly. Everyday Rejoice in the Learning Experience and soon it will become a habit and a second nature. If not the best but a better person. And here is the important thing don't worry about how much you can learn but just think how far can you get in learning. After a year the weekly planner will do it's miracle to see how far you have come.

If I was to shape your life then I would do it one way by maintaining your individuality and personality and to help you be the very person you are and make you be a better version of yourself. In the end it's your outcome of what you want to be like. Your choices, goals, technicalities, outcomes, satisfactions and your great mission of life.

The Next Important thing is How to make friends and Influence People around you. Dale Carnegie has THE Freaking Book on this subject.
How to win friends and influence people. Oh Boy you're in for a ride.
Nothing like this book and other books of Dale's Books will help you be a better version of yourself. You won't even feel like you're reading this book because chances are that you have already heard or read about the rules mentioned in this book. I can go on saying that this author's books are great and you can put up a lot in practice and get the results in your life and career.

And now the most important thing in your life, what is the right definition of success. To be frank it could be anything that holds you strong and firm about. A strong feeling that it is right and that motivates you to move ahead in your career. For some it's money or power or a special feeling, but to me the definition that appeals to me the most is of the author John Maxwell - 

Success is knowledge of purpose , growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefits others. He can't be more right about this definition because if you reach your maximum potential, maintaining your personality with a knowledge of purpose and goals that benefits others will get you what you desire, money, a special feeling, power or anything else that you want. Remember it should be a worthy purpose in life, maximum potential, seeds that benefits others and you will display results that everyone wants you to get.

The Next Important thing is Entrepreneurship, it is this ability that we need to display in a business endeavour while facing the uncertainties and unpredictable obstacles that could resist us from being a successful entrepreneur. 

Robert Hisrich has this subject matter covered in detail. The only challenge that you will face is How to develop entrepreneurial cognition. And luckily there is a book on this subject by the same title. Entrepreneurial cognition.
There is nothing tough in learning about entrepreneurship. The only challenge is what you need to have this cognition ability in you to anticipate and face the uncertainties in a business endeavour. You need a Business, Marketing, Financial, Operational plan. After this it is On your capability to be an entrepreneur and the support from your family and friends that keeps you motivating and driving you further to the riches and goals that you desire.

Everyday building a list is recommended in your life. Do it with a diary or a day planner. But you need to plan your day for thirty minutes in your early morning and move ahead with your chin up and look forward to what your day has in store for you.

Everyday eat well or a balanced diet, and a balanced life of work, fun and rest. If you eat work, sleep work and dream work then you have got it all wrong. There is nothing wrong with that but the only problem is chances are that you will be burned out or a burnout person. Burnout means exhausted or tired of what work you have done day and night and that's gonna wear you out. A Balanced Life is what you need, little bit of rest, work and entertainment. If still you get exhausted learn to relax and do your work. Relax, take a break and breathe slowly, inhaling and exhaling strongly. 

Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. And that's all to it. We all have some influence on our daily lives and you don't need a leader's position to display influence. Leadership can also be considered as common sense and you can proceed with logic to display results. However John Maxwell's leadership books are the best to learn from. Dale Carnegie 's three books on leadership are also enough to be a great leader. Above all, like I said earlier, you can preserve your own individuality and personality to display results and Grow to reach high above the organization. 

Moving on to people skills - three great books on this subject matter are-
    1. Winning with people
    2. The 5 Essential People Skills
    3. How to win friends and influence people

These Books are great if you would like to be involved with people and build strong relationships. 

Moving on to conflicts with people- there is only this one book On how to resolve conflicts in life. And this book is really the meat for conflicts and how to handle them with care. Another great book by Dale Carnegie.

Public Speaking - Yes it's here. If you would like to speak in public like a seminar then there is just the right books available by Dale Carnegie

How to develop self-confidence and improve public speaking.
The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking.
The Art of Public speaking.
Stand and Deliver

Don't get yourself into self-consciousness, pause, emphasis, feel your feet, breathe slowly, don't react to any person's movements, narration by dramatization, reflection, description, know the audience, be thyself, keep the audience's interests, and much more to learn from, above all, like I said, maintain your individuality, personality, your own point of view. These Books will help you on how to prepare yourself to give a speech in front of an audience. Everything lined up for an impromptu speech. Practise, Practise, Practise.

How to stop worrying and start living- THE Book to stop worrying about things that sap the energy out of your life and will definitely help you be a better person without worrying about things that you should not be worried about. Great book great techniques.