My IT Journey

Graduated from Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil Pratishthan's College of Engineering affiliated to Mumbai University in 2002.

Engineering curriculum had Pascal, Cobol, C, C++ and MySql.

I then studied Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Soon later I started working for a BPO company where I worked on LyricAll CMS which had server side and client side coding to be done in Javascript.

After that I began my career in another BPO company where I took calls as a Customer Service Executive, troubleshooting on Internet Connection.

Later on I worked for another BPO company where I handled a similar role of troubleshooting on Internet Connection, only this time at a bigger scale.

After that I worked for an IT firm where I got the opportunity to learn Dot Net and C# Language. This was the turning point of my career where I finally got a break in the IT Industry but again this time it did not last too long.

After working for another IT company, I was shattered after working for a Big Client's Project and failed to understand the application and had to leave.

I finally decided to start working as a Free Lancer and for the first time had the opportunity to handle Projects by Myself.

I strived to learn many Languages and Frameworks and Libraries only this time feeling like I really made it big in the IT Industry.


Languages and Frameworks Learned in the Order of My Career:


HTML, CSS & Javascript.

LyricAll CMS.

Dot Net and C#. and MVC

SQL Server.

Jquery, Jquery UI, Jquery Widgets.


Java SE, Java EE, Java Spring.

PHP, Symfony.

Python, Django, Bottle, Flask.

Node.js, ExpressJs.

wxWidgets, Sqlite.

SOA, Web Services, WCF.



Cloud Computing, Azure, PythonAnywhere, Heroku.

And there will be more to learn.......