I have read 6 Books of John Maxwell on the subject of Leadership and these books have a wealth of Information Related to Leadership.

1) Developing the Leader Within You.

2) The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

3) The 21 Indispensable Qualities of Leader.

4) Five Levels of Leadership.

5) Leadership Gold.

6) 360 Degree Leader.

After reading these books on Leadership, You will be right on path that introduces you to how you grow in Your Leadership Journey.

They give you an idea of Leadership as a Verb and not a Noun.

They give you a Game Plan for Leadership.

Developing the Leader within you specifies how you focus on the core and essential things that Every Leader should focus on, like Priorities, Creating Positive Change, Vision, People Development, etc.

Five Levels of Leadership define Leadership in 5 understandable steps and can be followed in any organization of any size, gender, culture, nationality.

Leadership Gold gives Nuggets explained as Lessons Learned by John Maxwell.

360 Degree Leader explains how to lead if you are in the middle of an organization, which means lead-below, lead-across and lead-above.